We help you develop, optimize and maintain your purchasing, manufacturing and quality processes end-to-end.  Our professionals provide Managed Services focusing on Cost Reduction and Product Life Cycles.

Mechanical Engineering

With over 20 years experience in mechanical development and hands-on fabrication, our team uses 3D modeling and visualization, from concept design to testing and documentation.  We are able to mobilize numerous international resources, all part of a network of professionals with whom we've developed long standing relationships.  Highest order technological expertise is native to our specialized teams, which forms the basis of our integrated, cross-sector approach.


Back Office Engineering Services

Our technical engineering consultants provide design and development services and solutions according to each of our customer's unique needs, with a variety of turn-key projects, heavily related to the product development cycle.  We provide remote support through our offices and workshops, use Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulation techniques, as well as provide Offshore Services.